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WORKSHOP Grundtvig

Workshop  number 2010-1-FR1-GRU13-14432

"European Views on Local Community Life in Rennes".   24/04/2011 > 1/05/2011.

See below for programme.

Paul Muse, Rennes, Image Publique 2009.


Within the framework of the 2010-2011 Grundtvig Workshops programme, the association “Photo à l’ouest” is organising a workshop aimed at European adults, keen amateur photographers wishing to develop their practice of photography, and possessing a digital reflex camera that they use for their pastime.

Aim of this workshop 

Collective creation of a photojournalistic report on local districts of Rennes (presenting the cultural diversity of the inhabitants around the various metro stations of the town) and encouraging the emergence of exchange and expression through photography.


For one week, the workshop will involve intensive daily activity within a local district of Rennes (3 to 4 hours of shooting per day). Further enlivened with moments of conviviality, preparatory information sessions (on life in the local districts or the various cultures to be found in Rennes) and specific technical instruction (to take place in the Maison Internationale in Rennes), the workshop is to enable every participant to develop their photographic approach, in accordance with their own needs and objectives. The official languages of the workshop are French and English.

At each stage of the project, all participants will be advised by photographers who are members of the association “Photo à l’ouest” and other professionals (architects, cultural association organisers, directors). In addition to the collective creation of a photojournalistic report, the workshop will enable participants to exchange their views on cultural diversity in Rennes and on life in the districts discovered. Moreover, the workshop aims at developing innovative practices in the domain of adult education, notably based on the encouraging each participant to share responsibility for the overall work of the group. Alternate daytime periods will be dedicated to information sessions, technical instruction and groundwork visits (direct encounters with inhabitants and situating of photographers within the districts), and every evening an editing session will make it possible to evaluate the images and information gathered.

Information / Preparation of the workshop

As of 1st December 2010, information on preparation of the workshop can be accessed on the bilingual website www.projets-trans-europa.eu, which will serve as point of contact between participants and organisers.

"Photo à l'ouest" 6, rue des Artificiers 35700 Rennes - France.  workshop@photoalouest.com

Programme of the workshop

Monday April 25 th : Reception of participants 9:00 am at "Maison Internationale de Rennes" (7 quai Chateaubriand) and first formulation of project by each participant.
Workshop "Shooting in manual mode" + workshop "framing and composition" (if necessary).
Shooting session (districts of "République" and "Station").
Exhibition meeting with photographers of Photo à l'ouest (18 h - 20 h).
Editing and discusssion in evening.

Tuesday April 26 th : workshop "Portrait" + workshop "Artificial lighting" (when necessary).
Shooting session (districts of "Colombier" and "Station"). Presentation of cultures in Rennes. Editing and second formulation of project by each participant.

Wednesday April 27 th : Shooting session ("market Ste Thérèse" and districts "Le Blosne" and "Triangle").
Presentation "inter-cultural dialogue" / Editing and discussion in evening.

Thursday April 28 th : workshop "Street photography" and "Architectural photography" (if necessary).
Shooting session (district of Villejean) / Editing in end of afternoon / Third formulation of project by each participant.
workshop "Night photography" (if necessary) in evening.

Friday April 29 th : workshop "Retouching photographs" and workshop "Publishing on the web" (if necessary).
Shooting session (district "Anatole France") + Shooting session "Night photography".

Saturday April 30 th : shooting session ("market des Lices" and "market du Blosne") or shooting session (another district). Finish Editing in afternoon (16 h - 19 h). Dinner with public. Public presentation of approach of each participant.

Each participant is to work within a collective approach, and has been selected for a personal project, presenting a way of showing cultural life in public areas of Rennes.

Each participant must write a first presentation of their approach for Monday April 25 th (portraits, in door or in streets, in day light or night light, or architecture ...) in accordance with the approach presented initially and the theme that the organisation chose for them on the basis of each individual project.

Please choose only workshops (2 hours each) according with your project and limit your project for success of whole realisation.


- Paul Vancassel: coordination with district associations ans institutional sponsors. pv@photoalouest.com

- Pascal Jaouen: coordination of technical courses and instructors for the workshop. pj@photoalouest.com

- Sandra Rielland: coordination of applications (16 participants from outside France and 7 participants from France, but outside Rennes). workshop@photoalouest.com

- Paul Muse: French-English translation (internet site, European documents, interventions and presentations of districts).

This workshop benefits from the support of several elected councillors of Rennes: René Jouquand, department of Culture; Geneviève Le Tourneux, department of Education; Frédéric Bourcier, department of Town Planning and representative of the district of Le Blosne; Didier Le Bougeant, representative of the Centre district;

The workshop also benefits from partnerships with other Rennes-based associations involved in intercultural relations and life in the districts concerned: the Maison Internationale of Rennes, the association L’Age de la Tortue, the Ligue de l’Enseignement 35. Partnerships have also been requested with the company KEOLIS, the Festival “Convergences” (for November 2011) and with adult training organisms.

map available.

More informations about concerned local aeras
("Villejean / Kennedy" ; "Anatole France / La Touche" ; "Sainte-Anne" ; "République" ; "Charles de Gaulle" ; "Gares" ; "Jacques Cartier" ; "Clemenceau" ; "Le Blosne") :




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The publication of this information is the sole responsibility of its author and the Commission is not responsible for whatever use may be made of the information contained herein.